The PVA Primer for table rock is a product formulated to improve the final appearance of the surface prior to the coating of paint.

It is used inside can be easily applied, matte finish that gives a non-reflective appearance, is the perfect Primer for plaster or wooden panel either new construction or remodeling improves the appearance of the surface as well as the performance of the painting that has been chosen.

Ideal for drywall, or untreated wood panel

  • Non-reflective finish allows fewer hands final painting
  • Excellent performance
  • Improving the top layer to provide more uniformity and durability
  • Works with all of the top layers of paint

For the use of plate from plaster in new work or remodeled. Ideal for panel joints, properly prepared.

This primer can only be used in interiors before painting and as perfect background in works with constructive system to base of panel of plaster or wood untreated.